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EPA News: WaterSense Intends to Revise the Irrigation Partner and Professional Certification Program
WaterSense recently announced its intent to modify its specifications for certification programs for irrigation professionals and the WaterSense irrigation professional partnership. The notification of intent outlines EPA's evaluation of the benefits and challenges associated with the existing irrigation partnership program, its experience in running the certification program, and its desire to expand the program's scope to attain additional water savings. The outlined intended revisions are two-fold: development of a consolidated and common set of general requirements that will apply to all professional certifying organizations and removal of the individual irrigation partnership designation to allow the benefits of partnership to extend to all professionals certified by WaterSense labeled programs. WaterSense is soliciting input from stakeholders who would like to provide comment on the Agency's proposal.
Groundwater Quality Program Manager position open until 10/25/12
RECRUITMENT NOTICE Administrative Operations Manager 2 – Environmental Science Position # 00012091 POLLUTION PREVENTION SECTION GROUND WATER QUALITY BUREAU NEW MEXICO ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) is advertising an Administrative Operations Manager 2 – Environmental Science position (#00012091) in the Pollution Prevention Section of the Ground Water Quality Bureau. The position advertisement is posted on the NM State Personnel Office website, The closing date for the position is October 25, 2012. The position is the Program manager for the Ground Water Quality Bureau’s permitting program. The position is responsible for managing up to 22 staff on the development and enforcement of ground water discharge permits in accordance with the Water Quality Act and Water Quality Control Commission Regulations. The position develops proposed language for new regulations or revisions of existing regulations and provides technical testimony in permit and rulemaking hearings. The salary range for this position is typically $37.35 (midpoint) to $47.80 (max) per hour (Pay Band 90) depending on job duties and experience. If you have questions regarding the position, contact Jerry Schoeppner at 827-2919. Please post or share this information with others who may be interested in this position.
Riparian Restoration Connection
The Tamarisk Coalition, a non-profit alliance working to restore riparian lands, has launched a new website called the Riparian Restoration Connection. Its goal is to create a central hub for the riparian restoration community to exchange resources, share ideas, ask questions, and get the information needed to help facilitate riparian restoration efforts.
Watershed Forum Workshop on the Canadian River (Mosquero, NM, from Oct 11, 2012 12:00 AM to Oct 12, 2012 12:00 AM)
Canadian River Riparian Restoration Project - Treatment Results and Discussion
Assessing the water needs of riparian and wetland vegetation in the western United States
The purpose of this guide is to provide a general foundation for the reader in several interrelated disciplines for the purpose of enabling him/her to characterize and quantify the water needs of riparian and wetland vegetation. Topics discussed are wetland and riparian classification, characteristics and ecology, surface and groundwater hydrology, plant physiology and population and community ecology, and techniques for linking attributes of vegetation to patterns of surface and groundwater and soil moisture. Rocky Mountain Research Station Online Publication.
Vulnerability of species to climate change in the Southwest: threatened, endangered, and at-risk species at the Barry M. Goldwater Range, Arizona
This assessment uses SAVS, an assessment tool based on ecological principals, to rank individual species of interest within the eastern portion of the Barry M. Goldwater Range, Arizona, according to predicted climate change responses and associated population declines balanced with responses expected to incur resilience or population increases. Rocky Mountain Research Station Online Publication.
Climate change in grasslands, shrublands, and deserts of the interior American West: a review and needs assessment
This volume reviews existing climate models that predict species and vegetation changes in the western United States, and it synthesizes knowledge about climate change impacts on the native fauna and flora of grasslands, shrublands and deserts of the interior American West. Rocky Mountain Research Station Online Publication.
Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals: Southwest Tribal Climate Change Project
Goals of the project include identifying work being done by tribes in Arizona and New Mexico on climate change, assessing their climate change research and information needs, making tribes aware of resources and opportunities that might assist them in their work, and sharing research results of the project with tribes, the USFS and other agencies.
BDD Facilities Manager Position
This position provides professional expertise and leadership to manage the state-of-the-art Buckman Direct Diversion (BDD) facilities, co-owned by the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County; and is responsible for the production of drinking water that is compliant with applicable local, state and federal regulations, meets the demands of the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County, and optimizes facility operations. Must pass the applicable BDD certification in all key areas of competency within one year of hire for continued employment with the BDD.
Playa Post August 2012
Volume 10 / Issue 5
Job Posting for Talking Talons Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP) Educator
Talking Talons Youth Leadership (TTYL) specializes in connecting youth with the natural world by offering educational programs that give participants an up-close and personal experience with rescued live birds of prey, bats, reptiles, and wilderness environments.
Power Couple: The Shocking True Story of Water and Electricity
Students aged 12 to 112 can learn how water and electricity are connected to each other!
Environment Department Requests Public Comment on Changes to Surface Water Quality Standards for Nichols and McClure Reservoirs and the Santa Fe River
The New Mexico Environment Department requests public comment on a proposal to amend surface water quality standards for Nichols and McClure Reservoirs and the Santa Fe River from Nichols Reservoir to Cochiti Pueblo. The public comment period will close on September 28, 2012.
Hanging in the Balance: Why Our Rivers Need Water and Why We Need Healthy Rivers (Audobon NM)
In June, Audubon New Mexico completed a reader-friendly brochure on environmental flows restoration. Titled "Hanging in the Balance: Why our rivers need water and why we need healthy rivers," it includes information on environmental flows, the economic benefits of health rivers to New Mexico, and an overview on a recent EPA-funded study about which rivers in the state are most in need of environmental flows restoration. The brochure also details two collaborative projects currently underway as well as recommendations for restoring elements of natural flow patterns to New Mexico's rivers.
What's New for River Restoration in NM?
The River Ecosystem Restoration Initiative Reports on developments in river restoration in New Mexico.
Reconnecting the Pecos River
During the early part of the 20th century, the Pecos River had been channelized to create ponds that would attract waterfowl. Barricaded behind a wall of invasive salt cedar, the Pecos had also become disconnected from the plains through which it flows.
Keeping Water in Traditional Communities
There's a movement afoot in the acequia community to keep water flowing for traditional uses. While it doesn't necessarily relate to environmental flows, the environmental community may find inspiration-or at the very least, better understand rural communities, the challenges they face, and their attempts at protecting the waters flowing through acequias and ditches.
Berry's Call to the River
A businessman and former state legislator, Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry may seem an unlikely advocate for the Rio Grande. But with a new proposal in hand-and a personal commitment to make the river a part of his daily life-the Republican mayor is making waves.
Restoring Flows and Ecosystems on the San Juan
Two decades ago, the San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Program was established to recover two endangered fish, the Colorado pikeminnow and razorback sucker, in the San Juan River and its tributaries in Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Today, a diverse group of partners is working toward that goal.
Environmental Protection Specialist Job Opening (Deadline 8/20/12)
Experience your America and build a fulfilling career by joining the National Park Service. Become a part of our mission to unite our past, our cultures and our special places, to establish important connections to the present and build a rich and lasting legacy for future generations.
NMSU Climate, Temperature, & Precipitation Site
The New Mexico Climate Center is located on the campus of New Mexico State Univerity. The center operates a small network of weather stations across the state and gathers data from other mesonets.
Environmental Scientist and Specialist Job Opportunity
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST AND SPECIALIST – A Position #00037087 MINING ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE SECTION GROUND WATER QUALITY BUREAU NEW MEXICO ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) anticipates advertisement of a vacant Environmental Scientist and Specialist-A position (#00037087) in the Mining Environmental Compliance Section of the Ground Water Quality Bureau in July-August 2012. The position advertisement will be posted on the NM State Personnel Office website, in the near future. The position is a senior staff scientist responsible for managing a technically complex discharge permit caseload for hardrock mining operations and review of New Mexico Mining Act sites. The position involves coordination with federal and state agencies on mine permitting procedures; developing, conducting and reporting on scientific geohydrologic site investigations; review and comment on Mining Act applications; review and approval of ground water pollution prevention plans, abatement plans, and corrective action plans; drafting discharge permits; and conducting site inspections. The position is responsible for assessing whether facilities are in compliance with the NM Water Quality Act and Water Quality Control Commission Regulations; NM Mining Act; and other state and federal statutes, standards and regulations. The salary range for this position is typically $25.50 (midpoint) to $32.63 (max) per hour depending on job duties and experience. If you are interested in applying or know of someone who may be interested, please send e-mail contact information to Dale Doremus so that we can send the official job advertisement to you directly when it is posted at the NM-SPO website [].
Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS)
CoCoRaHS is a grassroots volunteer network of backyard weather observers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure and map precipitation (rain, hail and snow) in their local communities. By using low-cost measurement tools, stressing training and education, and utilizing an interactive Web-site, our aim is to provide the highest quality data for natural resource, education and research applications.
Position of the Western States Water Council on State Primacy Over Groundwater
States have exclusive authority over the allocation and administration of rights to the use of the groundwater located within their borders and are primarily responsible for allocating, protecting, managing and otherwise controlling the resource (Note: Concern was expressed at the meeting of the NM Legislature's Water and Natural Resources Committee in Las Cruces yesterday (July 30, 2012) regarding an apparent water grab by the Federal government.)
Establishing a Community Tree Workshop Info
A workshop, Establishing A Community Tree Program, will be offered on the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque. The goal of the four-hour workshop is to empower communities to implement a tree management plan and care for their community trees.
Audobon Southwest Women in Conservation 2012 Save the Date
Save the Date flier for Audobon's 2012 Southwest Women in Conservation conference.
Quvira Coalition Newsletter July 24
Quvira Coalition Newsletter featuring events and upcoming opportunities in the community.
Job Announcement: District Forester (DEADLINE 08/07/12)
This position functions as the Field Manager (District Forester) for the Capitan District of the Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD)- Forestry Division. The District is comprised of 8,591,874 acres of private, non-federal and non-municipal lands in Otero, Lincoln, Chaves, DeBaca, Roosevelt, Lea and Eddy counties. The position supervises the implementation of all forestry programs to include the Smokey Bear Historical Park, fire management, forest and watershed health management, timber harvesting regulations, service forestry and all administrative activities on the district. The position participates with other groups and agencies with similar objectives and authorities to allocate resources across jurisdictional boundaries to achieve forest and watershed health and communities that are more defensible from wildland fire and insect and disease epidemics. The position is also responsible for maintaining compliance with governmental standards and business philosophies such as department and division policies, the state procurement code, contract management, supervision and federal codes relating to the delivery of federal programs.
New Study: Today's Southwest U.S. megafires are unusual
Unprecedented study relies on more than 1,500 years of tree-ring data and hundreds of years of fire-scar records gathered from Ponderosa Pine forests
Study on Megafires as unusual in long-term
Unprecedented study relies on more than 1,500 years of tree-ring data and hundreds of years of fire-scar records gathered from Ponderosa Pine forests.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Fact Sheet 5: Total Maximum Daily Loads
Many 303(d)-listed waters are impacted by changes in natural hydrology associated with urbanization. This factsheet describes how Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) and TMDL implementation plans (IPs) can address the hydrological factors that contribute to impairments by including green infrastructure.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting and Enforcement Series
The Green Infrastructure Permitting and Enforcement Series provides EPA and state permitting and enforcement professionals with a guide to integrating green infrastructure approaches into NPDES wet weather programs. The series consists of six factsheets and four supplements addressing general accountability considerations; CSOs; SSOs; stormwater; TMDLs; and water quality standards. The series includes sample language and case studies to illustrate the concepts discussed.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Fact Sheet 2: Combined Sewer Overflows
Green infrastructure can reduce the volume of stormwater entering combined sewer systems during precipitation events, which may reduce numbers and volumes of overflows. This factsheet addresses the evaluation of green infrastructure approaches for CSO control, the identification of quantitative implementation targets, and the incorporation of green infrastructure approaches into Long Term Control Plans.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Supplement 4: Green Infrastructure in Total Maximum Daily Loads
This supplement to Factsheet 5 summarizes two recent TMDLS that address flow, hydrology, and green infrastructure.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Supplement 3: Green Infrastructure Models and Calculators
This supplement to Factsheet 2 summarizes the features of 19 models that can be used to predict the performance and/or cost of green infrastructure approaches.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Supplement 2: Consent Decree Language Addressing Green for Grey Subsitution
This supplement to Factsheet 2 provides an excerpt from the 2010 settlement with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) to address the flow of untreated sewage into Cleveland waterways and Lake Erie.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Supplement 1: Consent Decrees that Include Green Infrastructure Provisions
This supplement to Factsheet 2 summarizes the green infrastructure provisions in seven CSO consent decrees entered since 2003.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Fact Sheet 6: Water Quality Standards
Water quality standards include designated uses, water quality criteria, and an antidegradation policy and implementation procedures. This factsheet describes how green infrastructure approaches can be considered as part of an Antidegradation Review or Use Attainability Analysis.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Fact Sheet 4: Stormwater
Much of the aquatic ecosystem degradation associated with stormwater is caused by changes in discharge volumes, rates, and durations. This factsheet discusses how green infrastructure can be integrated into stormwater permits to maintain more natural flow regimes.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Fact Sheet 3: Sanitary Sewer Overflows
Depending on the causes of SSOs for a particular system, green infrastructure approaches may be used in conjunction with grey infrastructure improvements and capacity, management, operations and maintenance (CMOM) to help eliminate SSOs. This factsheet discusses how green infrastructure approaches may be integrated into CMOM plans and CSO consent decrees.
EPA Green Infrastructure Permitting Fact Sheet 1: General Accountability
Accountability considerations are important in all actions involving permits or enforcement orders, regardless of the approaches used to achieve compliance with established standards. This factsheet discusses six accountability mechanisms that may be applied to permits or enforcement actions that include green infrastructure.
Water Sector Jobs for Veterans
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have announced a plan to connect veterans with disabilities to career opportunities in the water and wastewater sectors—such as at wastewater plants and drinking water facilities—as part of EPA’s Water Sector Workforce Initiative. EPA and the VA will work with water utilities, states and local VA counselors to promote water sector careers and resources for finding water jobs for veterans as well as educational programs to help veterans transition into careers in water industries. More than one-third of all current water operators are eligible to retire within seven years and, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment for water and wastewater operators is expected to grow by 20% between 2008 and 2018, faster than the national average for all other occupations.
Technical Symposium Videos: Responsible Forest Management on Watershed Health
"Examining the Effects of Responsible Forest Management on Watershed Health" Technical Symposium Videos Now Available Online - May 29th The symposium, co-hosted by SAF, the American Forest Foundation, the Environmental Law Institute, the National Alliance of Forest Owners, Plum Creek, the US Forest Service, and Southern Lumber Manufacturers Association, featured keynote speaker Honorable Benjamin H. Grumbles (President, Clean Water America Alliance), and administrative, legal, and scientific panels in exploring forest connections to the Clean Water Act. Videos of each of the panels, along with the keynote address, can be found at this link.
Unlikely alliances bringing back dead rivers, barren landscapes, and farm yields
Article published in Science Codex on June 15, 2012
Environmental History of the Rio Grande Lecture by Steve Harris (Elena Gallegos Double Shelter Amphitheater, from Jun 23, 2012 07:00 PM to Jun 23, 2012 09:00 PM)
Presented by The City of Albuquerque Open Space Division, Rio Grande Restoration and Far Flung Adventures
Funding Opportunity Available for Efforts to Establish or Expand Watershed Groups
Funding opportunity number R12SF80035. Applications are due by 4 p.m. MDT, July 9.
Request for Proposals for Hazardous Fuels Mitigation Projects
The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD), Forestry Division (Division) is requesting proposals from governmental entities that are surrounded by hazardous forest fuels that pose a threat in the event of a wildland fire for the planning and implementation of hazardous fuels mitigation projects that will reduce the fire threat in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas in New Mexico. Funding will be awarded through a competitive process administered by the Western Wildland Fire Protection Committee (WWFPC), with emphasis on hazardous fuel reduction, information and education, and community and homeowner action. The Division plans to award multiple contracts as a result of this Request for Proposals (RFP).
Native Americans Have Front Line Seats to Climate Change Show
Article discusses some of the impacts of climate change on tribes.
Siletz Tribal Energy Program
The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, located on the Oregon coast, have created an innovative renewable energy program. The Siletz Tribal Planning Department created the Siletz Tribal Energy Program (STEP) through a grant from the Administration for Native Americans in 2009. Much of their work is focused on improving tribal buildings and homes. STEP prioritizes community involvement as a way to increase awareness of tribal members, promote skills-training in the tribal community and promote tribal independence in energy.
Karuk Tribe: Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge within Natural Resource Management
In 2010, the Karuk Tribe released a draft Eco-Cultural Resources Management Plan to create a long-term adaptation strategy for the protection, enhancement and utilization of cultural and natural resources. The Eco-Cultural Resources Management Plan establishes a framework for considering a wide range of human and environmental stressors to the Karuk Tribe, including climate change.
Project WET Water Curriculum
This full-color, fully revised 592-page guide contains 64 multidisciplinary water-related activities for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The cornerstone of Project WET is its methodology of teaching about water resources through hands-on, investigative, easy-to-use activities.
The Chama Flow Report: Spring 2012, : Volume 1 Number 4
Report on ongoing efforts to change how we manage river flows to better mimic natural processes
AWRA Luncheon 6/12- Douglas Sayre-Is the Aamodt Settlement and the Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System Worth the Investment? (O'Niell's Pub 4310 Central SE Albuquerque, from Jun 12, 2012 03:00 PM to Jun 12, 2012 03:00 PM)
A discussion featuring speaker Douglas Sayre Tuesday June 12 covering the worth of the Aamodt Settlement and the Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System
Divining Rod Newsletter by NM Water Resources Research Institute
The New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (NM WRRI) is pleased to present the latest issue of the Divining Rod. (Vol. XXXV, No. 2, April 2012)
Overview for Field Trips Southwest Jemez Mountains
Overview News Release about Field Trip opportunity in SW Jemez
Vicinity for Field Trip Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration Project Area
Vicinity Map
Reg Form Field Trip Southwest Jemez Mountains
The Santa Fe National Forest is hosting three educational field trips into the Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration project area. Field trip dates are: Saturday, June 2; Saturday, June 30; and Saturday, July 14.
Job announcement at Mescalero. Deadline to apply June 27.
Water Quality Specialist
WaterSMART: Cooperative Watershed Management Program Grants for FY 2012
A funding opportunity announcement (FOA) is out from the Bureau of Reclamation's Cooperative Watershed Management Program to establish or expand a local watershed management group. Applications are due 4 p.m. MDT, July 9, 2012. Applicants may be eligible under two categories through this funding opportunity. One is for the establishment of a watershed group. Eligible applicants are states, Indian tribes, local and special districts (irrigation and water districts, county soil conservation districts, etc.), local governmental entities, interstate organizations and nonprofit organizations in the western United States or U.S. territory. The second funding category is for the expansion of a watershed group. Eligible applicants must be a current watershed group or a participant in an existing watershed group that is legally incorporated within the state in which it operates and meets the definition of a “watershed” group as defined in the FOA (pg. 3).
Vacancy Announcement: Desert LCC Science Coordinator - closes 5/17/2012
The USFWS Southwest Region is recruiting for the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Science Coordinator. The position is now open through the USAJobs website. Click on the link below to view/print the full vacancy announcement: R2-12-658721-MS-MP, Interdisciplinary (Desert LCC Science Coordinator). GS-0401/1301-12/13. Division of Science Applications, Tucson, Arizona. Open Government-Wide. Open: 05/04/12 Close: 05/17/12
US Army Corps of Engineers’ Albuquerque District Restores Rio Grande Ecosystems with River Engineering
Rip Rap Vol. 25, Issue 5
Publication of the US Army Corps of Engineers Albuquerque District
2012 Northern NM Firewise Summit
Flyer announcing 2012 Taos County Firewise Community Summit
Western Regional Partnership Natural Resources Committee Updates, April-May 2012
Attached are the latest (April 6-May 2) WRP Natural Resources Committee related updates for your reference and use. If you have any related updates you would like to share with the Committee, please email them to for the next update.
Pre-Recruitment Notice
The New Mexico Environment Department, Surface Water Quality Bureau anticipate advertising two positions soon: Standards, Planning and Reporting Team Manager, and Point Source Regulation Program Manager.
Youth Conservation Corps Issues Request for Proposals
The New Mexico Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) announces that it is requesting proposals from New Mexico units of government, state agencies, federal agencies, non-profit organizations, or federally-recognized Native American tribes to fund conservation projects. Applications are due no later than 4:00 p.m. MDT on Thursday, August 2, 2012.
Wanted: experienced outdoor educator for Summer 2012
Mountain Kids, an outdoor education and adventure program for kids aged 5-9, has an opening for a seasonal outdoor educator in Santa Fe, NM.
PSIAC Worksheet - "Sediment Yield Rating Factor"
This worksheet accompanies a report, "Factors Affecting Sediment Yield and Measures for the Reduction of Erosion and Sediment Yield", and with the report can be used to estimate sediment yield from watersheds. The method is relatively simple, low-tech, and has been recently validated.
PSIAC Report - "Factors Affecting Sediment Yield and Measures for the Reduction of Erosion and Sediment Yield"
This is a manual that accompanies a worksheet that can be used to estimate sediment yield from watersheds. Together, the report and the worksheet constitute a low-tech yet recently validated, cost effective water quality model.
Wildland Fire Data in Google Earth
You can view wildland fire data in Google Earth
Seeing Forests for the Trees and the Carbon: Mapping the World’s Forests in Three Dimensions
January 9, 2012 Feature Article in NASA Earth Observer by Michael Carlowicz
Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Environmental Microbiology
Applications due to UNLV by March 9, 2012
Responding to climate change in national forests: a guidebook for developing adaptation options
This guidebook contains science-based principles, processes, and tools necessary to assist with developing adaptation options for national forest lands.
Openings for 2 Assistant Education Coordinators
Forest Service seeks college students for summer jobs with the Respect the Rio Watershed Education and Restoration Program
Tribal Climate Change Newsletter
December 2011 issue Lots of good information about upcoming events and funding opportunities!
National Forest Foundation grants
Reminder: National Forest Foundation has two grant deadlines fast approaching.
Funding Opportunity for Habitat Restoration Projects
Deadline is 2/15/12. Webinar on 1/9/12.
Executive Director (Part-Time) Needed
The Northern Arizona Wood Products Association is looking for a part-time Executive Director, starting in February. If you are interested, please submit a resume by Jan. 30, 2012
Job Opening: Avian Monitoring Field Technician
Hawks Aloft is seeking field technician(s) for avian monitoring in the Middle Rio Grande bosque
Forest Roads and Trails: It's All About Water
Handbook and video describing forest access systems for forest activities. Discusses the principles associated with forest road and trail building and illustrates methods for constructing forest roads and skid trails to minimize impacts to water quality.
Watershed Forestry Resource Guide
An online collection of resources from the Center for Watershed Protection and the US Forest Service Northeastern Area. Provides useful tools and training materials about managing urban forests for watershed health. Links to topical collections including: Forest Planning And Assessment, Reducing Stormwater Runoff, Forest-Friendly Development, and Planting and Maintaining Trees
EQIP applications now being accepted
NRCS is accepting applications for cost-share funding through its FY2012 Environmental Quality Incentives Program
Funding Opportunity Announcement for 2012 Water Conservation Grants
The Water Conservation Field Service Program FOA R12SF40020 is now posted. The Bureau of Reclamation is providing financial assistance for a variety of cooperative activities, demonstration programs and pilot projects to promote and implement improved water management and conservation.
Fuel Treatment Effectiveness on the Wallow Fire (webinar)
A small team was assembled to work with the Apache-Sitgreave National Forest and local partners to assess the effects of the fuel treatments and compile a report with the findings. The report "How Fuel Treatments Saved Homes from the 2011 Wallow Fire" was the product of this effort. Personnel from the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and the Southwestern Region Office will talk about the effects of fuel treatments and communities affected by the Wallow Fire.
Request for Proposals: Tree Removal and Remedial Pruning In Five Las Vegas, New Mexico Parks
proposals due 1/13/11
Las Vegas, NM Urban Forest Project, App. A & B
App. A - Candidate Trees for Removal and App. B - Candidate Trees for Pruning
Las Vegas, NM Urban Project - Bidder’s Response Form
Bidder’s Response Form for RFP for Tree Removal and Remedial Pruning in Five Las Vegas, New Mexico Parks
Las Vegas NM Urban Forest Project RFP - proposals due 1/13/12
Fire history and age structure patterns at landscape scales (webinar)
Top-down regional climate patterns result in high spatial fire synchrony among Southwest forests. At landscape scales, however bottom-up (topography) patterns are also important in determining fire history and tree age structure variability. The distinct fire histories from these two study areas provided natural age structure experiments that indicated tree age cohorts occurred during periods of reduced fire frequencies. In some instances these periods were likely caused by climatic variability creating synchronous age cohorts across the region. At other times, extended fire intervals were a function of local topography. Overall, these studies demonstrated that landscape and climatic variations combine to produce complex spatial and temporal variations in fire history and tree age structures.
Fuel Treatment Effectiveness on the Wallow Fire (Webinar)
A small team was assembled to work with the Apache-Sitgreave National Forest and local partners to assess the effects of the fuel treatments and compile a report with the findings. The report "How Fuel Treatments Saved Homes from the 2011 Wallow Fire" was the product of this effort. Personnel from the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and the Southwestern Region Office will talk about the effects of fuel treatments and communities affected by the Wallow Fire.
Tribal Climate Change Newsletter
November 2011 Issue
Clearing the Waters Newsletter Volume 16, No. 3
Fall 2011 Newletter from New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau
EPA Requests Proposals for Urban Waters Small Grants
Funding Opportunity: Urban Waters Small Grants Proposal Due January 23, 2012
Bureau of Reclamation Water Conservation Field Services Program
Funding Opportunity Announcment for 2012 Grant Program
Vegetation Monitoring Technician
Opening with The Nature Conservancy in Galt, CA
Hydrographic Analyst, Salt River Project, Phoenix
Phoenix-based SRP, the nation's third-largest public power and water utility, is recruiting a Hydrographic Analyst for its Water Measurement Department located in Tempe, AZ.
Position opening - Minnesota State Forester
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is seeking an experienced executive to lead its Division of Forestry. The role of the Director is to serve as a member of the Senior Management Team of the Department assuring interdisciplinary coordination in forest policy development and implementation to support the DNR mission. Qualified candidates will have successfully managed a large, complex organization; set and implemented a vision and strategic direction; and served as a member of an executive level team.
Teaching Kids About Water Conservation
A great collection of water conservation resources for educators. Most links provide access to many more educational tools and websites.
EPA position vacancy: Director, Ground Water and Ecosystem Restoration Division
EPA is seeking candidates for the Director of its Ground Water and Ecosystem Restoration Division of the National Risk Management Research Lab located in Ada, Oklahoma. This division employs about 100 EPA scientists, staff, and contractors dedicated to conducting applied environmental research.
Earth Works Institute Newsletter
October 2011 Newsletter
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