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Taking root: New Mexico state botanist Daniela Roth on endangered species Link
The 25 Best Ways to Conserve Water Link
Southern Rockies LCC Newsletter Link
How hotter, dryer climate may lead to more tree deaths from fire Link
Colorado Plateau Landscape Conservation Project: Identification of Watersheds with High Restoration Potential Link
Vulnerability of riparian obligate species to the interactive effect of fire, climate and hydrological change: Final Report Link
Fremont cottonwood demography: modeling longevity of relict cottonwood stands along regulated rivers in the American Southwest Link
EPA News News Item
EPA News News Item
Other Federal News News Item
NOAA Grant Opportunity News Item
Department of Housing and Urban Development Releases Report News Item
EPA News News Item
Other News News Item
EPA Office of Water News Item
Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network Link
Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network Link
Carpe Diem West - Confluence April 2015 File Friday Flash eNews - Issue 127 | April 10, 2015 Link Friday Flash eNews - Issue 125 | March 27, 2015 Link Friday Flash eNews - Issue 126 | April 3, 2015 Link Friday Flash eNews - Issue 124 | March 20, 2015 Link Friday Flash eNews - Issue 122 | March 6, 2015 Link
Six Shooter Watershed Restoration Project Underway News Item
Climate Change Resource Center Link
SW Fire Science Consortium File
2016 WUI Grant Program Link
National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy - Western Regional Strategy Committee Newsletter #33 - June 17, 2015 Link
Resources for Private Forest Landowners in New Mexico File
TVWC Landscape Restoration Strategy File
The Rising Cost of Wildfire Operations: Effects on the Forest Service's Non-Fire Work File
Western Water Threatened by Wildfire: It's not a Public Lands Use Link
2015 Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) Update Guidelines File
NAU - Working Paper 20: Controlling Cheatgrass in Ponderosa Pine and Pinyon-Juniper Restoration Areas Link
USDA - Managing Gambel Oak in Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests Link
USGS Fact Sheet 141-02 Nov. 2002 - Effects of wildfire on the hydrology of Frijoles and Capulin Canyons in and near Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico Link
US Forest Service - Wildland Fire Effects in Silviculturally Treated vs. Untreated Stands of New Mexico and Arizona Link
Oregon State Univ - Synthesis of Knowledge on the Effects of Fire and Thinning Treatments on Understory Vegetation in US Dry Forests Link
USDA National Agroforestry Center (NAC) - Working Trees for Water Quality Brochure Link
Soil Erosion Control After Wildfire -Cooperative Extension, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, The University of Arizona Link
Do Fuel Treatments Reduce Fire Severity in Ponderosa Pine Forests? NAU Fact Sheet December 2013 Link
Fire Science Digest - Issue 14 - September 2012 Link
USGS Fact Sheet 2005-3005 Biological Research on Fire in the West Link
USGS Fact Sheet 2005-3091 (July 2005) USGS Providing Scientific Understanding of the Sagebrush Biome Link
PNW - Spring 2008 Issue 16 - Counting All That Matters: Recognizing the Value of Ecosystem Services Link
Wildlife Adaptation Strategy - Chapter 3 Climate Adaption Goals, Strategies and Actions Link
Fire Science Final Report for JFSP Project 09-1-06-5 - Interactions of insects, fire and climate on fuel loads and fire behavior in mixed conifer forest Link
Fire Science Final Report for JFSP Project 09-3-01-47 Link
Univ of CA - Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources Link
Wildfire Season in New Mexico File
New Mexico Forest Health Conditions Report, 2015 Link
Tribal Climate Change Newsletter - January 2016 File
Navajo River Restoration - Stewardship with Vision Episode 3 Link
Colorado State University Water Center File
La Ventana en los Valles - Fall 2011 File
C O O P E R A T I V E R E S E A R C H C E N T R E F O R C A T C H M E N T H Y D R O L O G Y File
Forest Guild - December 2007 File
Climate Change and Ecological Restoration - Edition Jan 2010 File
Transitions in Forest Tenure and Governance: Drivers, Projected Patterns and Implications for the Global Community - October 2007 File
China and the Global Market for Forest Products File
The Myth of "Catastrophic" Wildfire File
Open File Report 2016-1016 - Estimating the economic impacts of ecosystem restoration—Methods and case studies Link
US Department of Interior Wildland Fire Management Program Benefit-Cost Analysis: A Review of Relevant Literature Link
The Total Cost of Wildfires: Implications for Taxpayers and Policymakers Link
Playing with Fire: How Climate Change and Development Patterns Are Contributing to the Soaring costs of Western Wildfires Link
The True Cost of Wildfire in the Western U.S. Link
What Happens to the U.S. Midwest When the Water's Gone? Link
NMFWRI Desired Conditions Tour - Sacramento Mountains October 2016 File
New Mexico Opportunity Mapping Project File
Wildfire Management (vs Suppression) Benefits Forests and Watersheds Link
Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2016 Tax Year Link
Living With Fire: How social scientists are helping wildland-urban communities reduce wildfire risk Link
Rio Grande Water Fund: Wildfire and Water Source Protection - Annual Report 2016 Link
Quantifying the influence of previously burned areas on suppression effectiveness and avoided exposure: A case study of the Las Conchas Fire Link
Impact of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Wildfire Across Western US Forests Link
Restoring the West Conference: Climate, Disturbance and Restoration in the Intermountain West Link
From Ideas to Action: A Guide to Funding and Authorities for Collaborative Forestry Link
Farmland Is The Future: Private lands are key to wetland conservation in the Middle Rio Grande Link
Along the Rio Grande, Farms are the Future for Wetland Birds Link
7 Burning Questions: Wildfires and Public Lands Link
At the Nexus of Fire, Water and Society File
Effects of Wildfire on Drinking Water Utilities and Best Practices for Wildfire Risk Reduction and Mitigation File
Review of economic benefits from fuel reduction treatments in the fire prone forests of the Southwestern United States Link
The Influence of Restoration Treatments on Hydrologic Output in Fire-Adapted Forests of the Southwest Link
2016 Wildfire Season: An Overview, Southwestern U.S. Link
High Severity Fire: Response and Uncertainty Link
Nominations being accepted for 2018 Wildfire Mitigation Awards Link
Considerations for Local Oil and Gas Regulatory Ordinances Event
As Deadly Wildfires Rage In California, a Look at How Global Warming Fuels Decades of Forest Fires Link
Urban Conflagration: Fire Scientist on Climate Change & What Makes California's Wildfires Different Link
The Science of Fuels Treatments Link
Briefing Papers: Fire Scars, Fire History in The Greater Santa Fe Fireshed File
Briefing Paper: NEPA Demystified File
Seminar: Smoke Impacts:Wildfire vs. controlled fire & how to reduce smoke impacts in your home Event
Sharing innovations for Sharing a river pdf File
Final RPEA: Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for the Chevron Mining Inc. Questa Mine File
New Mexico State Forestry Priority Landscapes 2016 File
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