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Six Shooter Watershed Restoration Project Underway

Reserve, NM – Work by New Mexico State Forestry on a 667-acre watershed restoration treatment project southeast of Reserve has begun.

The Six Shooter Watershed Restoration Project area is listed as a high priority by State Forestry as part of a statewide assessment of at-risk watershed areas.

Part of the larger Negrito Watershed Restoration Project, the Six Shooter Project is treating National Forest lands in the Upper Sign Camp Creek watershed which flows to Negrito Creek, a major tributary to the San Francisco River. Tree density will be reduced, lowering the threat of catastrophic wildfire while promoting forest and watershed health. Raw material from the project will be used at a local sawmill in Reserve, NM.

“The partnership we have with the Gila National Forest and Catron County has been an integral part of getting this project started,” said Socorro District Forester Doug Boykin. “Working with the US Forest Service, who has conducted similar projects adjacent to this area, we will help protect this vital watershed that supports and sustains the nearby communities.” The project will also reestablish meadows and restore areas damaged by the 2012 Whitewater Baldy Fire.

Funding for the Six Shooter Watershed Restoration Project was approved by Governor Martinez after the 2014 legislative session as a part of $6.2 million in severance tax dollars to be used to treat approximately 7,700 acres of 14 high priority watershed areas throughout the state.


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