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New Mexico Forest and Watershed Health Information Clearinghouse News
Smallwood News

Smallwood News

Newsletter of the Smallwood Utilization Network 10/28/09

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GIS Layers for the New Mexico State Assessment

This is a list and definitions for the 8 panels being developed for the state assessment of New Mexico's natural resources.

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NM State Assessment Stakeholder's Meeting

This is the prioritization meeting for stakeholders for the NM statewide assessment of natural resources. The 8 panels will be presented, discussed and attendees will help prioritize information for developing the final NM State Assessment strategy and plan.

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Water Trust Board Grants 2010

The New Mexico Water Trust Board is solicting proposals for their 2010 funding cycle. Click on the link for more information...

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25x'25 Weekly Resource

A source of information on agricultural and forestry renewable energy and climate change solutions.

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Smallwood Newsletter

Weekly newsletter from the Smallwood Utilization Network

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State Assessment Prioritization Meeting

Stakeholders will prioritize the 8 themed models into one overall priority map for NM's state assessment. The models were developed by technical teams with expertise in: forest fragmentation, water quality and water supply, green infrastructure, fish and wildlife, economic potential, wildfire risk, forest health risk, and development risk. State Forester Butch Blazer asked all CG members to participate in the prioritization meeting.

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Watershed Restoration for the Santa Fe River

Join the Santa Fe Watershed Association for a short on river restoration by Craig Sponholtz on Thursday October 15, 2009.

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San Isidro Park River Restoration Workshop

A two day river restoration workshop on the Santa Fe River on October 17-18, 2009. Craig Sponholtz of Dryland Solutions will be leading the workshop which is sponsored by the Santa Fe Watershed Association. The workshop is free by advanced registration is required.

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Applied Watershed Restoration for Drylands Workshop (FREE)

Instructed by: Craig Sponholtz, Dryland Solutions. Upper Eagle Creek Watershed, Eastern Arizona. Contact Wilma Jenkins for more info at

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Acequia Hydrology Symposium

To report research results on hydrology of traditional acequia irrigation systems. Presentations will address both technical and socio-cultural aspects of acequias along the Rio Grande. The conference will include overviews, technical sessions, and an interactive panel discussion.

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Know Your Watershed School Program

The New Mexico State Land Office offers an environmental education program called "Know Your Watershed" for 2nd, 4th & 6th grade classes throught out the state.

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Surviving the Downturn and Positioning Yourself for Recovery

Free business and marketing presentations by Professor Lloyd Irland, Yale University School of Forestry - 8/5/09 in Ruidoso and 8/10/09 in Las Vegas, NM RSVP to Carmen Austin at the New Mexico Forestry Division at (505) 476-3335 or email at

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How to Heat with Woody Biomass in the Southwest

How to Heat with Woody Biomass in the Southwest: A workshop on developing and using small-scale biomass thermal applications Date: August 3 and 4, 2009 Location: Santa Fe Community College Santa Fe, New Mexico Cost: $40.00 Register at

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Cebolla Canyon Restoration Project

October 16-18th - Albuquerque Wildlife Federation, Cebolla Canyon Restoration Project (EPA Wetlands Project). Volunteers welcome. For more information see

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Wetland Restoration Work Day at Cerro Pelon Ranch

September 12th - Earthworks Institute, Wetland restoration work day at Cerro Pelon Ranch (RERI). Volunteers welcome. Contact for more information.

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Comanche Creek Restoration Workshop

August 21-23rd - Quivira Coalition, Comanche Creek Restoration Workshop (former 319 project; current RERI project). Register Online:

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Volunteer Work Weekend at Valles Caldera National Preserve

August 14-16th - Albuquerque Wildlife Federation, Volunteer Work Weekend at Valles Caldera National Preserve. Volunteers welcome. For more information see

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NM Water Research Symposium

August 11th - 2009 New Mexico Water Research Symposium. A one-day technical symposium at Macey Center, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM.

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Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting

August 2-7th - Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting “Ecological knowledge and society.” Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque, NM.

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