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Ecological Restoration

Information on restoring and rehabilitating different habitats

National Fish Passage Program Request for Proposals 2011

Through its National Fish Passage Program the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service uses a voluntary, non-regulatory approach to remove and bypass barriers. The program provides technical assistance and funding to assist others in restoring fish passage. Proposals should keep in mind the program goal to restore native fish and other aquatic species to self-sustaining levels by reconnecting habitat that has been fragmented by barriers. All projects must be located in New Mexico.

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Stream Ecology/Aquatic Biology Technician

Full time, seasonal position with Taos Pueblo WarChief’s Office, Ecology Programs Division, Wildlife & Habitat Conservation Department. Full-year career appointment anticipated within one to two years of hire date based upon performance and funding. On-the-job training and concurrent enrollment in professional/educational courses possible, depending on experience and qualifications. Stream survey to include aquatic (in-channel and lake) habitat; fish and aquatic organisms; stream ecology; and, full participation with Ecology Programs Division wetland and riparian assessment teams. Baseline analysis, condition assessment, restoration programs and collaboration on stream and habitat quality. Identify, collect and analyze fish, aquatic plants, insects and other species.

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Wildlife Ecology Specialist

Full time position with Ecology Programs Division, Wildlife & Habitat Conservation Department; Taos Pueblo WarChief’s Office. This is an ongoing career-conditional appointment based upon performance and funding review cycles. As a key part of the Ecology Programs Division, the Wildlife and Habitat Conservation Department directs all habitat- and species-based inventory, site assessment, and restoration efforts to assure the ecological sustainability of all wildlife within their natural environment. The Wildlife Ecology Specialist will contribute to ongoing and developing wildlife programs, conduct health and population assessments for key wildlife species, as well as participate in biodiversity planning and management within the Ecology Programs Division.

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Call For Proposals: Urban Waters Capacity-Building Grants

The goal of the Urban Waters Capacity-Building Grants is to improve our nation’s impaired urban water resources – rivers, lakes, wetlands and more – and the socioeconomically challenged communities around them by providing local organizations, tribal and local governments with the skills and techniques to effectively restore these resources over time.

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We are seeking an individual interested in natural resource management, stewardship and community involvement. The position will assist CCFEG/TU develop and implement fishery restoration and water acquisition projects. In addition, the position will conduct outreach, help develop an environmental education program and build membership programs. CCFEG/TU are collaborating on four primary project areas: 1) Salmon in the Classroom, 2) General Education/Outreach/Membership Development, 3) Nutrient Enhancement Study and 4) Restoration Projects.

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State Urban & Community Forestry Program Manager - apply by 8/18/11

The Urban & Community Forestry (U&CF) Program Manager embraces statewide responsibilities. Serves as state representative for United States Forest Service (USFS) Region 3 on the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC) Urban & Community Forestry Committee. Duties Include - Initiates a State U&CF Program Strategic Plan, at least every five (5) years -Writes and administers the Professional Services Contract (PSA) for the statewide Volunteer Coordinator Contractor (currently Tree New Mexico) -Leads the New Mexico Urban Forest Council (NMUFC) -Manages the New Mexico State Big Tree Program; the New Mexico Forest Re-Leaf Program -Leads the Tree Planting Advisory Committee (TPAC) and the statewide Back yard Tree Farm Program -Represents and promotes the direction, philosophy, and strategic plan elements of the EMNRD Forestry Division. Agency contact for this position is: Andrew Frederick, State Timber Management Officer (505) 476-3343

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