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Two Goats Watershed Restoration Project Underway

High Rolls, NM – Work has begun on the 1344-acre Two Goats Watershed Restoration Project south of the community of High Rolls in the Sacramento Mountains.

“The project targets three watersheds listed as high priority by State Forestry,” said Capitan District Forester Lynn Lovelace.  “Our goal for this crucial watershed project is to reduce tree density and lower the threat of catastrophic wildfire.  This project also supports water quality objectives and promotes the growth of native vegetation while creating a forest ecosystem more resilient to fire.”   

Funding for the Two Goats Watershed Restoration Project was approved by Governor Martinez in  2014 as a part of $6.2 million in severance tax dollars to be used to treat approximately 7,700 acres of 14 high priority watershed areas on public lands, as identified in the New Mexico Forest Action Plan. 

“The project will not only protect vital watersheds on land managed by the U.S. Forest Service, it will also help protect surrounding communities and natural resources,” said Lovelace.  “The City of Alamogordo has multiple collection points for its municipal water supply within these watersheds and will also benefit from this project.” 

The project is expected to last through Fall of 2016.  The treatment will use mechanical equipment to reduce overly dense fuel stands; smaller diameter trees will be cut and scattered through the area as a natural way to prevent erosion.


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