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Project WET Water Curriculum

This full-color, fully revised 592-page guide contains 64 multidisciplinary water-related activities for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The guide features cross-reference and planning charts, a glossary and background material on activity development and field testing. The cornerstone of Project WET is its methodology of teaching about water resources through hands-on, investigative, easy-to-use activities. Project WET activities are designed to complement existing curricula rather than displace or add additional concepts. Activities fulfill objectives and educational standards in the sciences, as well as other disciplines, from fine arts to health. Because water is ubiquitous, water-related concepts can be found in almost any field of study. In addition, the Guide has been correlated with the educational standards of most states. Activities within the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide are universal in their methods of teaching about water. More than 40 countries in addition to the United States use Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide activities.
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