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Pollution Solution

Pollution Solution
When it rains, storm runoff picks up soil, trash, chemicals, and bacteria from animal waste and carries them downhill, eventually dumping this unsavory soup into a water body or storm drain. These water-borne contaminants are called nonpoint source pollution because the pollution comes from many sources. Point source pollution comes from a specific known source such as a factory or sewage treatment plant. Both forms of pollution can occur in urban areas or in rural parts of the watershed. 
Unfortunately, pollution on the land surface can seep into the ground where it ends up contaminating groundwater. Sometimes pollution from underground sources like septic systems or leaking underground storage tanks can make its way to surface water.  
We need clean water, and we want enough of it to support our communities and nourish our environment. What good is it to have lots of water if it’s polluted? There are ways to clean up contaminated water, but they can be difficult and expensive. The simplest action any of us can do to protect water quality and water supplies in our watershed is to not pollute in the first place.
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