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From Snowmelt to Spring

From Snowmelt to Spring – the surface water groundwater connection 
Water that soaks into the ground high up in the watershed travels underground to lower elevations. In some places it may eventually reappear as surface water at springs or wetlands, or it might seep back out along river banks and drainage ditches. In other parts of the watershed, there are areas called recharge zones, usually in arroyos or riverbeds, where surface water sinks into the ground to replenish the aquifer.
Where surface water and groundwater are connected, a change in one water source affects the other. This is why pumping groundwater faster than it can be replenished naturally can reduce the flow of a nearby river.  Whether your water comes from a well or a reservoir, it’s important to protect all parts of your watershed.
Click here to learn all about how groundwater and surface water interact.


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