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Be a Watershed Steward: on the Farm or Ranch

Be a Watershed Steward – on the Farm or Ranch
Good agricultural practices like contour planting and integrated pest management conserve water and protect water quality.
  • Shape the ground to catch rain and irrigation water.
  • Plant along contours so irrigation water soaks into the ground and does not run off.
  • Build healthy soil with compost or other organic material.
  • Use fertilizers or pesticides sparingly. Use only according to the directions on the label.
  • Compost or other organic matter makes soil better able to catch, store, and release water. Microbes that live in moist healthy soils help plants grow and filter out pollutants.
  • In areas where wind erosion is a problem, plant windbreaks. Use trees and shrubs that will protect fields and soil by slowing down the wind.
  • Select plants suitable to the site. Native plants take less care and can survive better. Native plants also provide the best food and shelter for wildlife.


Click here to see short videos: "Healthy soils = healthy foods" and Healthy soils = healthy humans."




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