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Be a Watershed Steward - in your Yard

Be a Watershed Steward: in Your Yard
Since watersheds are simply areas of land, you take care of your watershed by being a good land steward. Here are some actions you can take to protect water outdoors:
  • Collect rainwater from your roof in rain barrels or cisterns. Use it to water trees and landscape plants.
  • Shape the ground to direct runoff from buildings and driveways to plantings.
  • Choose landscape plants that are adapted to the local environment. Native plants require less water and fertilizer.
  • Use mulch to keep moisture in the soil. A 2-3” layer allows rain to soak in, reduces evaporation, and moderates soil temperature for plant roots. Mulch can also protect your soil from wind and water erosion.
  • Properly maintain septic systems. Avoid sending harmful materials down the drain. Have your septic tank inspected by a professional and pumped as necessary.



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