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Be a Watershed Steward: In the Forest

Be a Watershed Steward: In the Forest
Good forest management can improve watershed health.
  • Thin unnaturally dense forests so rain and snow reach the ground, and so individual trees get the sunlight, water, and nutrients they need to grow strong.
  • Protect soil by keeping it covered with grasses, forbs, and plant residue. Good ground cover reduces erosion, moderates soil temperature, and improves soil structure and moisture retention.
  • Design roads and trails to allow water to drain off without eroding the soil. Take special care at stream crossings.
  • Keep the number of roads to the minimum required to care for your forest lands, and close old roads that are no longer needed.
  • Learn to recognize invasive weeds and keep an eye out for them, especially along roadsides and waterways.
  • Contact your local State Forestry office for information or assistance.


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