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Summer Seasonal Employment Opportunity, High Sierra R.D. Summer 2014

The High Sierra Ranger District is searching to fill several openings during the summer season. Located in Big Creek, California.


The High Sierra Ranger District Timber Stand Improvement crew has several openings each summer season.  This a small crew of about 10 people.  The majority of the work is thinning wild and planted stands using a chain saw.  Other reforestation activities may include planting and herbicide application.  The crew is also used occasionally for fire suppression.  This work is physically demanding and often completed in challenging environments; specifically steep ground, high summer temperatures and on occasion very long hours.  Candidates should be physically and mentally prepared to meet the challenges of outdoor work in a crew setting.  Specific training and protective equipment will be provided.  

The crew is based in Big Creek, California.  Barracks space is available at minimal cost.  The typical season is from late May through mid November.   Vacancy announcements for applications through USAJOBS will be open the last 3 weeks of February, 2014.  

For additional information regarding jobs or the application process, please contact:

Tim Veach,  Asst. Culturist

559-855-5355 x3323


C.J. Hazelton,  TSI Foreman

559-855-5355  x3324

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