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Watershed Restoration Round Table

A conversation about watershed restoration and monitoring sponsored by the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute.
The purpose of this Watershed Restoration Round Table is to facilitate a conversation about watershed restoration and monitoring that will lead to continued improvements in the ways that we all collaborate to best serve the watersheds and citizens of New Mexico and the Southwest.  Four types of submissions will be considered:
  • Field Notes are technical pieces that describe examples of restoration and/or monitoring from actual field experience.
  • White Papers are well-developed thought pieces on some aspect of watershed restoration.
  • Commentaries are opinion pieces that rely on more subjective observations or ideas, or that react to previously posted submissions.
  • Stories are examples of watershed restoration experiences and lessons learned, conveyed in a non-technical, highly readable style and format.
To ensure an informed discussion and the quality of posted papers, submissions will be reviewed by NMFWRI staff and others before being posted.  The NMFWRI retains the right to reject submissions if they are deemed inappropriate or do not appear to advance an open, constructive and informed discussion.  A limit of 1,500 words will be imposed for all submissions.  Please e-mail submissions to


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