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Plant Association Technology Transfer

Welcome to the Plant Association Technology Transfer workspace. This group is an informal gathering of individuals from various agencies, universities, organizations, etc. with an interest and knowledge of plant associations in the Southwest. There are currently three working groups: Technology Development (Esteban Muldavin, acting chair); Technology Transfer (Mary Stuever, chair); and Case Studies (John Harrington, chair). This shared workspace facilitates the progress and projects of this initiative. If you have questions or want to join, contact Mary Stuever or Susan Rich. Thanks.


Plant associations (PA) are the basic unit of classification of plant communities. PAs allow us to communicate about different sites that have similar vegetative trajectories, which often mean they have similar site characteristics such as soil and rainfall patterns. PAs provide the means for more specific information sharing. For example, instead of taking an observation from an activity that occurs in a ponderosa pine stand and inferring that all ponderosa pine stands are likely to respond similarly, resource managers can refer to one of approximately 30 different plant associations may support stands of ponderosa pine, and there is a much better chance that observation will hold true on other sites with the same plant association.

This site is a place to gather information about plant associations, discuss and review our knowledge, and push our technology to new levels. Thanks for showing up here!


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