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Resources on monitoring riparian restoration

Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program

Data Sets & Sites - January 2016

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BEMP: Annual Report May-August 2015

Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Monitoring

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Colorado Department of Argiculture - Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Monitoring Protocol

The goal of this biocontrol monitoring protocol is to define when, where, and how many Diorhabda spp. are in existence across an objective area.

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Colorado Department of Agriculture -Tmarisk Impact Monitoring Protocol

Preparation for a monitoring site begins by visiting potential sites to determine tamarisk density, accessibility to marked trees, tree size and selection of a central release tree.

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Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland and Savanna Ecosystems, Volume 1 Quick Start

This manual describes how to monitor three rangeland attributes: soil and site stability, watershed function and biotic integrity. Nearly everything we value about rangelands depends on these attributes.

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Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland and Savanna Ecosytems - Volume II

This two-volume document is intended to assist a wide range of users, including technicians (data collectors), field crew leaders, ranchers and landowners, land managers, rangeland professionals, and researchers.

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Measuring and Monitoring Plant Populations

This technical reference applies to monitoring situations involving a single plant species, such as an indicator species, key species, or weed. It was originally developed for monitoring special status plants, which have some recognized status at the Federal, State, or agency level because of their rarity or vulnerability.

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Monitoring Stream Geomorphology

Colorado Water Conservation Board - Watershed Protection and Restoration Program

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