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Plenary Presentations

Selected plenary presentations in .pdf format.

Restoration of the Pecos River at Bitter Lake NWR

This project demonstrates how river ecosystem improvements can be accomplished within the reality of a very limited water supply. The Pecos River is both a natural and historic legacy. It is our hope that current and future generations will be able to enjoy and learn from the restored Pecos River at Bitter Lake NWR, a window into the areas' rich history.

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Monitoring of Forest Thinning Treatments and Wildfire Effects on Forest and Watershed Health in the Manzano Mountains, New Mexico

Forest thinning is becoming a common forest management practice in New Mexico, yet little is known about the effects of forest thinning treatments on water resources, soils, vegetation and wildlife. We present an experimental monitoring approach to determining the effects of forest thinning on watersheds in New Mexico.

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Watershed Restoration in Sugarite Canyon

The City of Raton and over 15 collaborative partners have been successfully working together to design and implement watershed restoration projects in the Sugarite watershed, north of Raton, New Mexico, since 2005. Treatment work to date has included mechanical thinning of over 2,000 acres in New Mexico and Colorado.

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In a Dense Wood: Forest Restoration in New Mexico

More than a century of grazing and fire suppression in Southwestern ponderosa pine forests has resulted in a landscape that supports many more trees than ever before. This talk will look at guidelines promoted by the NM Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute to bring forests back to historic conditions.

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Creating a more Successful and Sustainable Organization

This workshop expands on the traditional definitions of planning, marketing, and organizational development to help organizations be more potent, impactful and sustainable. Using an integrated approach, we demonstrate how focusing identity, engaging loyal constituents and aligning capacity builds a distinct and distinguishable brand. It is this brand that attracts supporters and resources to the organization.

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Monitoring for Pharmaceuticals in the Middle Rio Grande

Amigos Bravos' monitoring project in the drains & ditches of the Middle Rio Grande found pharmaceuticals throughout the system. The pharmaceutical results will be assessed in the context of other New Mexico and national studies and in terms of what is known about them as "emerging contaminants."

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EBID Restoration Projects on the Rio Grande

The Elephant Butte Irrigation District (EBID) is currently planning, designing, and implementing restoration projects along the lower Rio Grande levee corridor in conjunction with IBWC and NM Audubon utilizing existing irrigation infrastructure to provide water from agricultural return flows and storm water. Restoration projects can provide a multitude of benefits for a variety of agricultural, municipal, environmental and recreational purposes.

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