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About the Forest and Watershed Health Information Clearinghouse

The Forest and Watershed Health Information Clearinghouse provides centralized access to ecological, socio-cultural and economic information related to restoration and maintenance of New Mexico forests and watersheds. The clearinghouse functions as a library as well as a shared workspace. Content can be uploaded, organized topically and searched by users of the clearinghouse. Shared workspace will also enhance collaboration, training, and knowledge among those involved in forest and watershed restoration. The Clearinghouse is a joint project of New Mexico State Forestry and the New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute, pursuant to the state’s Forest and Watershed Health Plan. 

riverFinal Plan for Non-Native Invasive Species/Watershed Management

Riparian lands in New Mexico have been seriously impacted by the infestation of non-native phreatophytes. The two of most concern are tamarisk (a.k.a. saltcedar) and to a lesser extent Russian olive. The New Mexico Department of Agriculture provides the leadership, administrative oversight, and assistance for State funded non-native phreatophyte programs.

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2010 New Mexico Watershed Forum

From the upper snowcapped peaks down to the agricultural fields and bosque floodplains, maintaining and improving the health of New Mexico's watersheds requires collaboration between individuals and groups. Please join us for the second New Mexico Watershed Forum at the Hilton in Albuquerque from September 28th-30th. Plenary sessions, workshops, and field trips over the course of three days will offer opportunities to examine and build upon the cooperative relationships that have led to successful watershed-based planning and restoration.

Funding for Forest and Watershed Restoration

Need $ for your projects?
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RFPs for Forest and Watershed Grants and more! 

2010 Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP) RFP Available Now!

2010 Clean Water Act Section 319 RFP for planning!

2010 Clean Water Act Section 319 RFP for implementation! 

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forest graphic

NM State Assessment and Strategy

2010 State Assessment and Strategies
for Forest Resources

New Mexico State Assessment Data Atlases

Link to GIS Data used in developing the NM Statewide Natural Resources Assessment models

Featured Project

The clearinghouse periodically showcases different restoration projects by our partners.

cebolla canyon

In a concerted effort to implement a comprehensive ecological restoration of Cebolla Canyon within Cebolla Wilderness and El Malpais National Conservation Area, the New Mexico Environment Department, the Rio Puerco Alliance, and the Bureau of Land Management acquired funding in early 2009. 

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