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Climate Change Impacts

New: A networking Website addressing climate change issues in the Southwest: Includes a section with feature articles on such subjects as land use related to climate change.

David Gutzler (2007). Climate Change and Water Resources in New Mexico. New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources. New Mexico Earth Matters 7:2 (Summer 2007).

David Gutzler (2007). Planning in the face of uncertainty: weather and water. (Keynote presentation at the Dialogue's 13th Annual meeting, January 2007.) 

New Mexico Climate Change Initiatives (NM Environment Department)

Science of Climate Change and New Mexico Projections
 (NM Environment Department - several articles)

Western Climate Initiative
 (a collaboration launched in February 2007 between the Governors of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington to meet regional challenges raised by climate change)
Governance (rules and markets, etc.) - NM and Southwest
Western Progress (February 2008). A New Western Water Agenda. This report, by Lawrence MacDonald and Denise Fort, recommends several broad policy proposals for reducing water use in Western states in order to achieve sustainability. According to some readers, many of these seem to represent the "conventional wisdom" rather than being "new." For instance, the report's advocacy of more efficient processes to transfer water from agricultural to "urban and environmental" uses embodies rather than challenges common assumptions about population growth ("it can't be slowed") and irrigated agriculture (as inherently inefficient and environmentally detrimental). Along the way, however, the report presents a useful review of the current institutional landscape and of the challenges posed by climate change throughout the West. An Appendix provides an annotated list of earlier reports, including policy proposals, prepared for intergovernmental organizations since the 1970s. 
Thoughtful commentaries on this report or other topics are welcome. Click here to send us an email with - or attaching - your comments. Pertinent responses will be uploaded to this site and links will be added to this page. (If this feature gets a good response, we are considering starting a weblog, tentatively the WaterDiaBlog.) - JB

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Land Use and Water