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Know Your Watershed Links

shows all the major river basins in the U.S. Click on your basin and drill down to your (HUC8) watershed, then get links for all kinds of technical information USGS has on that watershed.  Links to projects, publications, and information for that watershed.
USGS’ Science in Your Watershed:
  • EPA Watershed groups can enter info about their group and what they’re working on, or where others can find info like what groups are (or at least have self-registered) in their watersheds. Not many NM groups are in there now, and some are really more environmental justice types. \
For educational materials:  Here’s a whole bunch of posters with accompanying information on watersheds and water-related topics.

More educational materials, mainly for kids, of varying quality:

Semi-animated slideshow for elementary grades, (not very high tech, but) it explains graphically of what a watershed is:
The Watershed Game – a color illustrated true-or-false quiz for novice option and multiple choice intermediate option. Also offers virtual panoramic explorations of a natural park, farm, neighborhood, and city environments.
Test Your Watershed IQ – adult-level multiple choice quizzes on 20+ water-related topics
You Are the Solution - Interactive info on sources of urban water pollution. Looks at causes, effect, and solutions.
KidZone: The Water Cycle – simple, illustrated factoids
Watershed School (Potomac Highlands) – choice of elementary, middle, high school or teacher e-classrooms with activities.
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